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Magnolia Registration

Where do I collect my ASA license number?

Please collect your license number from the clubhouse on Wednesdays between 17:30 and 18:30. If you are unable to collect at these times, please get into contact with one of our committee members to make a special arrangement.

What to bring when collecting your licence number?

  • Did you register online?

    Print out your emailed registration confirmation and your Proof of payment and bring with you when collecting your license number at the clubhouse.
  • Are you going to register at the clubhouse?

    Print out your proof of payment and bring it with you to the clubhouse when collecting your license number.
  • Are you registering as a new member?

    Print out the membership registration form, fill it in and bring it to the clubhouse along with your PRINTED proof of payment when collecting your license numbers.


How to register/update my details as an athlete on the ASA website

Log into the ASA website

  1. Go to If you are not a registered ASA athlete yet, please register. Otherwise, please check that Magnolia is specified as your club and that your email address is correct.